Shipping Information

We have 2 shipping options

1. Standard shipping method:

  • Yun Express
  • Yanwen
  • etc …

Shipping time: 20-25 days

2. Fast shipping method:

  • DHL
  • Fedex
  • Yun Fast
  • USPS
  • etc…

Shipping time: 10-15 days

Some products like shoes have their own shipping times: 20-25 days for fast ship, 30-35 days for standard ship.

3. Noted:

  1. In the sales season (Christmas) or in the Covid 19 period, shipping time is 5-10 days longer than normal.
  2. Some areas such as: island, military area, remote areas according to the carrier’s policy, 5-10 days longer than normal and Fast shipping method can not apply for that areas.